The Italian Association is a 501 c3 non-profit organization recognized by the IRS. Founded in 2013 with the scope and purpose to promote Italian arts, culture, and businesses services to local and international businesses. We welcome donations to help support our goals and efforts. Thank you for your support!


Memberships in the Italian association help support the day-to-day operations of organizing and execution of many of our events. Members receive various benefits such as discounts to our events, advances notice ahead of the general public of events ticket sales. Our business members also have the ability to provide discounts to our members.

Arizona Italian-American Chamber of Commerce

In 2020, in the wake of one of the most devastating economic hardships the Italian-American business community has ever seen. A group of local Italians set out to create a network to unite the Italian business community in Arizona in order to fortify the community and ensure that the Italian-American culture continues to flourish all throughout the valley.

If you were born in Italy and have moved to Arizona for employment. If you are an entrepreneur who has founded an Italian based business. If you derive your business based on Italian hardworking ethics. Or even if you just love the Italian community and business culture. We welcome you all into our famiglia.

The goal and purpose of the Italian Association is to not only promote Italian Culture and traditions but to foster an atmosphere that supports local businesses through its members and bring awareness of all things Italian to the local community. The founding member’s vision was to see an Italian cultural center become the epicenter of what could ultimately become Arizona’s own Little Italy. A place where Italian traditions, culture, and the image of Italy, its people, and industries can be shared with the community at large.

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