BAIRD – The Ciliento Group – Private Wealth Management

The Ciliento Group aims to guide, educate and empower retirees, entrepreneurs and the next generation to financial freedom. Through experienced planning, implementing and continuously adapting, we strive to create a comprehensive approach to grow and protect our client’s wealth while helping them leave a legacy.

The Ciliento Group was created to serve multigenerational clients through a comprehensive approach to wealth management. As a father-daughter advisor team, Angelo and Gia understand the importance of creating a solid financial future for not only their client, but for the generations to come. They specialize in Wealth Management, Investment Solutions, Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Estate Planning and Tax Planning.

Angelo started his practice in 1986 with the intention of helping to shape a good financial future for his clients. Many of his clients have been with him since he started his career, they’ve grown with him over time. He has been through many market cycles and can lean on these experiences to navigate even the toughest environment.

Gia is highly skilled in not only identifying gaps but creating the space to take advantage of these opportunities. Her perspective as a strong businesswoman and mother give her the ability to relate to young professionals and families looking to lay a solid financial foundation

Leading Client Services and Operations is Christine with 14 years of experience in the industry.  She has developed strong client relationships and serves as an anchor to the practice.

Together the team sees a real need in the industry to bridge the gap between two different perspectives and two different generations. Through guidance, experience, and knowledge, they strive to create a comprehensive approach to grow and protect their clients’ wealth. Their goal is to give people financial literacy through education so that they feel confident in their decisions and their future. The Ciliento Group is here to help their clients build their legacy.