Constantinos Italian Kitchen

Angelina Mariani Costantino, the matriarch of our family grew up in San Pietro Avellano, a village in the Molise Region of Italy. Life was simple in a small community in Italy in those days. Angelina and her large family enjoyed a dinner of spaghetti or gnocchi covered with flavorful pasta sauce, a radicchio salad and some red wine (for which Angie actually didn't care). They lingered over the meal enjoying each others' company and the delicious food.

Christopher Costantino's passion has been to bring this same wonderful culinary experience to American families. Established in 2011, Costantino's Kitchen produces gourmet, home-style pasta sauces and other Italian specialty foods from fifth generation Italian family recipes. Christopher still follows his grandmother's tradition of using the freshest ingredients and slow cooking his sauces to deepen the flavor.

In 2016, we took the next logical step in the evolution of our successful gourmet Italian food business and launched our mobile restaurant, Costantino's Italian Kitchen. The truck serves authentic pasta dishes featuring our sauces as well as other Italian favorites. Our goal is to make some great food, share it with friends and have fun!

Yous hungry?

Welcome to Costantino’s Italian Kitchen. We are a Phoenix, AZ based mobile restaurant that offers delicious pasta dishes, utilizing Costantino’s Kitchen Pasta Sauce, a recipe that has been in our family for five generations and in stores since 2011. (see which stores) Additionally, we have other delicious Italian treats, depending on the season, such as sub sandwiches, fried appetizers, salads, cannoli and Italian beverages. To keep track of our location, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for updates.