Fantastica Italian

Since I came to the United States as an Italian teaching assistant in 2001, I’ve always dreamed of being able to show my American friends Italy from my own eyes. I wanted them to experience my wonderful country in an authentic way, as if I was there with them, showing them my favorite corners of every city and having them taste my favorite foods.

It is this dream that made me move back to the Unites States after I graduated from the University of Bologna with a Master in Travel and Tourism Management. Here I started Fantastica Italia, a boutique tour company specialized in the creation of customized travel experiences to Italy and Europe.

Fantastica Italia’s values are rooted in three basic principles: outstanding customer service, attention to details, and innovative travel planning (i.e. off the beaten trails). Fantastica Italia provides you with my first-hand knowledge of the country (after all, I was born and raised in Bologna) and 10+ years experience as a professional travel consultant traveling to Italy to inspect properties and meet with local service providers.

A few years ago, I decided to take advantage of my knowledge of both the United States and my Italian clientele and created Fantastica America, a branch of Fantastica Italia specialized in the creation of customized travel experiences in the US, Caribbean and Hawaii.

“Once a dream has come to life, its true beauty is the rejuvenating power to create another dream.”
Fantastica Italia is dedicated to making your travel dreams a reality and… bring you to dream even more.

If you don’t fit into any pre-arranged vacation packages, if you think you will never find the vacation tailored to your needs, or if you think it’s impossible… we will make it happen!