Mamma Lucy

Mamma Lucy has never changed the simplicity of her way to cook, which is the real base of the authentic Italian culinary art. Despite the fact we are very stable in not changing our simple recipes, we have started in some dishes a new concept of “Novelle cuisine” based always in the freshness and simplicity of our dishes, where taste and quality are the priority for Mamma Lucy’s vision.

It’s in our project and in our mind to develop always more sensational dishes without losing our glamor and fantasy. We love to be considered in Arizona, one of the really few companies in the restaurant industry that kept cooking with original recipes. Chef Fabio and his family have the goal to bring Mamma Lucy’s taste of Italy, straight to your business events, weddings, houses and parties trying to give you the best service you deserve, where quality, freshness, and authenticity of the food will be always our priority.