PCFR is dedicated to growing Arizona’s global prominence by providing forums that explore critical foreign policy issues and build enduring international connections.

Guiding Principles

  • Drive collaboration among internationally oriented organizations in Metro Phoenix.
  • Provide members a unique opportunity to interact with leading international experts.
  • Make leaders more fully aware of international developments and promote more effective action in adapting to a rapidly changing world.
  • Promote better understanding of global trends and their implications.
  • Inform and improve policy making in both the private and public sectors.
  • Foster communication on vital international economic, social and political issues.
  • Help enrich, develop and align the international community and promote collaboration among international organizations in Arizona.

What We Do

We offer monthly programs year-round, including our unique event the “International State of the State” address, which is an open ended dialogue by significant leaders of government, industry, and education who discuss Arizona’s role in the changing global environment. Throughout our season we bring renowned speakers to share candid insights. This provides our members with intriguing and intellectually challenging, interactive experiences as they participate in the Q & A following the speakers’ remarks.

For more than 40 years PCFR has welcomed a variety of distinguished guests; US and foreign ambassadors, cabinet ministers, policy-makers, economists, analysts, journalists, authors, renowned educators and heads of state. Meetings are specifically restricted to our membership, and our guests’ comments are off the record, thus encouraging free and frank discussion.