Italian Classes – Intermediate III


Italian Level Intermediate III:

Students develop communicative skills to be able to:

  • Learn and discuss the Made in Italy
  • Learn and discuss Italian media
  • Learn and discuss the current Italian society

The grammar topics covered include:

  • The subjunctive mood and its tenses
  • The passive form
  • Impersonal constructions

Class Materials for Intermediate III:

  • Textbook: NEW Italian Espresso intermediate/advanced – TB ISBN: 9788861826892 – You can purchase the textbook at Alma Edizioni or any retailers of your choice.
  • Workbook: NEW Italian Espresso intermediate/advanced – WB ISBN: 9788861825758 – You can purchase the workbook at Alma Edizioni or any retailers of your choice.

Additional suggested resources:

Italian grammar for beginners -website -book– free online dictionary  – free pronunciation app
Duolingo – free app to practice Italian five minutes a day